PhiCube News

October 27, 2022

PRIZE 25K | PhiCube "Special Social Impact 2022" | StartCup Lombardia

Participating in Start Cup Lombardia 2022 has been a fantastic adventure for the PhiCube team! The adventure brought new knowledge and a real manager perspective to our company. Finally, all our strengths have been rewarded and our ideas have been understood and supported by the jury. Phicube won the "Special Award for Social Impact": no other prize suit better than this! In fact, It is perfectly in line with our vision and mission! We really appreciate this award saying thanks; we will keep working hard to make the rehabilitation world accessible to anyone, anywhere and anytime!

October 11-12, 2022

SMAU-Open Innovation

We definitely want to meet you! Come to visit us at SMAU Faire. We will be guests of Cluster Tav stand!

October 7-8-9, 2022

Maker Faire 10th Edition 2022

Check our profile on maker faire click and come to visit us!

June 25, 2022

EIT Health Bootcamp 2022

"Putting the right technology in the hands of the right people can make all the difference to the lives of patients" and PhiCube is on the right path! The EIT Heath Bootcamp provides focused support and matchmaking for European early-phase start-up teams with ideas in the field of medical technology like us. Phicube has been evaluated by three expert reviewers and scored 9,88 (from max. 12,25 points). We can only be satisfied with another tiny step forwards. New challenges are coming, and we cannot wait to face them all!

June 20, 2022

Award MIT4LS SUB2022

The Meet in Italy for Life Sciences is an initiative offered by the ALISEI National Technology cluster for Life Sciences. The objective of the contest is to support national matchmaking providing visibility and international opportunities, promoting business opportunities at multiple levels and attract participants from around the world thanks to the Enterprise Europe Network. Phicube Team will be involved in a series of coaching meetings offered by different partners based on the current startup necessities. We are ready to meet the experts in the field to enrich our know-how and face new challenges!

June 15, 2022

LBG Innovator's Road Programme

The Phicube team has been selected by the commission of LBG innovators Road Program to strengthen the link between research and the economy. The team will undertake a series of meeting in the next 6 months held by several experts from the UK and the D-A-CH region. Let the challenge begin!

May 11-13, 2022

Exposanità 2022

Attendency at Exposanità 2022 in Bologna. Many industries and expert players as clinic personnel, investors and business owner had the opportunity to know what are the key points of Phicube testing the device and granting their personal opinion and feedback. Phicube team thank all our guests of the stand hoping to keep in touch through our socials and website!

May 06, 2022

Italian Patent Application Filled

The intellectual property of our technical solutions has been filled at the beginning of May 2022 and is now “patent pending” under the name “Dispositivo per la riabilitazione bilaterale” (Registration n. IT 102022000009317). Since the R4R team is born from the research activities conducted within the STIIMA institute of the National Research Council of Italy, the IP is currently owned by CNR itself, but the negotiation of an exclusive license or an assignment of patent rights to R4R is already planned. CNR typically facilitates this process with inventors, to promote the growth of spin-off companies. The patent is co-owned by Cariplo Foundation and National Research Council of Italy, and an agreement to transfer patent rights from Cariplo Foundation to the National Research Council of Italy has already been signed.

Nov 15, 2022

11A Edizione PREMIO 2031

30K in Kind | Phicube awared by Bio4Dreams Incubator

A long journey is starting! In the context of 2031, PhiCube won an accelerator program with Bio4Dreams incubator. They will offer us a series of services useful to proceed with the project in various fields such as legal issues and some others based on necessity. We hope this path will be rich in opportunities where PhiCube can demonstrate its potential and create an enormous impact on user life!

Aug 16-22, 2021

Preliminar Usability Test at Fight Camp 2021

The preliminary usability test has been conducted in collaboration with ''Fight The Stroke" foundation thanks to the disponibility of Francesca Fedeli, the director of the association. This test has been completely voluntary from the user's point of view and unexpectedly, all the user's parents had the pleasure to allow their children to participate. These users are very special: they suffer from CP (cerebral palsy) part of a group of disorders that appear in early childhood. The signs of the symptom can be different but commonly include poor coordination, stiff and weak muscles and tremors. The feedback collected during the campus has shown the big power of the device in attracting and involving the child. Future tests will be conducted to keep testing the device and validate it. This campus has been a strong motivation for keeping working on this incredible device exploiting is maximum potential.